Health Benefits Of Disc Golf – How It Can Improve Your Fitness

Health Benefits Of Disc Golf - How It Can Improve Your Fitness

Over the course of years, disc golf has secured immense popularity among people of all age groups, and it’s not hard to see why. Some like to enjoy disc golf as a way to make their social gatherings more fun, while others take it more seriously. 

The serious players of disc golf like to compete with players of different skill levels, who know how to bring ‘competition’ to the table. Whatever the reason, disc golf is a game enjoyed in several ways; it is fun with or without competing.  

From being similar to traditional golf to incorporating the fun and adventure of frisbee, disc golf is a lot of things, except one, it’s not bad for your health. There are several physical and mental health benefits associated with the gameplay of disc golf. 

Physical Health Benefits of Disc Golf

Disc golf targets different systems of the body; it involves throwing the discs into the aimed baskets. Therefore, it covers a wide range of muscles, it activates in the process including; the shoulder, arm, trunk/core, and leg muscles.

Let’s see how disc golf helps you improve your health,

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular health is related to your heart and the blood it pumps through the body. Unoxygenated blood comes to the heart and is oxygenated, then goes to all the parts of the body. Good cardiac health means your heart can efficiently pump this blood throughout the body, spreading oxygen, which is the main nutrient of cells and tissues. 

Exercise is important to improve your cardiac health. It doesn’t have to be strenuous or very exhausting exercise, playing disc golf can do the job. Disc golf is usually played in parks, you carry a bag of discs and try your best to put the discs in the basket to take the shot.

Exercises as minimal as brisk walking and running can help you improve your cardio, while in disc golf you clearly do more than that. Your heart rate definitely increases while you play the game, and this increased heart rate keeps you in shape.

Keeping your cardiovascular health saves you from a number of heart and blood problems, and a moderate activity like disc golf can help you eliminate the factors of cardiac problems.

Keeps You in Shape

Disc golf helps you in getting shape by shedding the pounds you always wanted. Disc golf might seem like a simple sport, but it does have some tremendous effects on your health. Adding this moderate activity into your routine will bring your body on track to shed all the extra fat by burning a few extra calories each time you play. 

All the exercises that help you improve your disc golf gameplay, help you lose weight too. Disc golf alone might take more than a few weeks or months, but the exercises for disc golf can speed up the process. 

Being that said, disc golf alone can never bring drastic changes in your body, maintaining a diet and a good workout routine is needed. Disc golf is just a fun way to accelerate the process.

Level Up Your Strength and Endurance with Disc Golf

If you are looking for full-body light exercise, disc golf is a fun way to do it. It activates all the major muscles of your upper and lower body, training your body for strength and endurance like no other.

Disc golf putters try hard to put their discs into the baskets by throwing them with all their might. In the process, they engage their arm, shoulder, and core muscles to throw their disc with all their power. 

Therefore, not only do disc golf putters have healthy muscles, but their strength, stamina, and endurance also improve. Disc golf is no doubt, the most enjoyable workout, and if you like the sport even for a bit, it’s your call to add it to your routine. 

Happy Joints, Happy You!

When we say disc golf is enjoyed by all age groups, we are definitely including our older adults with joint problems. Unhealthy joints can make it considerably tough for you to carry out all of your daily chores, as your movement is limited.

High-impact sports and unhappy joints don’t go well together, they cannot fulfil all the criteria of strenuous and vigorous exercises. But you see, disc golf is a very light exercise, you don’t have to run or jump like in football, or basketball. 

Adding a little activity to your routine can keep your body going. So, add this fun game to your routine to make yourself and your joints happy and healthy!

Disc Golf: an Energy-Boosting Sport

Next time someone tells you to exercise to elevate your mood and boost your energy, you better believe them, because exercise does give you a booster shot of energy. How? Well, exercise elevates serotonin levels in your body which ultimately helps you in freshening up your mood.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in your brain that performs different functions in your body, one of them is regulating your mood. An increased level of serotonin means improved mood and better energy. 

What is the role of disc golf in increasing the serotonin secretion in your body? 


Your body releases endorphins, which is another natural hormone that regulates your mood. And do you know what makes the brain release endorphins? Exactly, exercise! Exercise plays a vital role in elevating the natural levels of this hormone in your body that brightens your mood in return.

Cardiac Health

We discussed how disc golf can help you improve your cardiac health and your overall health in return, as your heart efficiently pumps oxygen and nutrients to the body when it’s in good shape. 

Improved heart health keeps you active, fresh, and full of energy throughout the day, as your blood timely delivers the nutrients and timely removes the toxins in your body, leaving you active and as fresh as a daisy! 

Mental Health Benefits of Playing Disc Golf

Apart from working on your physical health, disc golf leaves your mental health in great shape too. 

Nature Heals Your Body and Soul

Nature and greenery have a very calming and soothing effect, it makes you forget your worries. You don’t even realize how you left all your problems and tensions somewhere among the grass you walked on or the flowers you walked past.

One of the best things about disc golf is, it brings you closer to nature. You play your disc-throwing venture in the park, where nature joins you without you even realizing, and leaves you with freshness, and energy you can never get closed in your room.

Let Your Stress Fly with the Butterflies

Man falls into the hands of stress from the monotonous routine and unending problems. Exercising in nature comes to your rescue in the most fascinating ways possible. 

Oxygen and stress are quite related when it comes to the reasons why your body is all fatigued. When your heart is not pumping actively, your brain cells do not get the sufficient oxygen they require to keep you fresh and active.

That is where disc golf comes to play, playing disc golf in routine can help improve your heart health, and make it actively supply the body with nutrients it needs. After long hours of your monotonous and sedentary job, make sure you add light activity to your routine to freshen up.

Improve Your Social Life

We are living in a fast-paced world, where everyone is busy running errands and doing jobs to live their dream lives. In all this, we sometimes forget that man is a social animal, and to keep our mental health in check, we must interact with fellow beings by spending time with them.

Disc golf is the best way to bring fun and enjoyment to the friends and family table. It is an easy game, with simple rules that you can enjoy with your peer groups. So, next time you feel bored, or fed up with your routine, show up at the nearest golf course with your loved ones to spend the best time of your life.

On the Whole

Disc golf is all about fun ventures, spending time with friends and family, staying fresh and active, and staying healthy. 

Looking for a new hobby to keep you in shape, it’s your time to head to the nearest disc golf course with your discs. It helps you improve your physical and mental health in the best ways possible. 

Engaging in physical activities is a great way of improving your heart, lungs, and muscles in good shape giving you the essence of life you always wanted. Life won’t be as boring as it might be now, it’s never too late to try new things, make sure that disc golf is on your to-do list!

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