Best Disc Golf Discs For Women | Empowering The Women’s Game

Every woman has always preferred the lightweight disc for superior grip and control on throwing the disc. Disc golf disc sports have opened new opportunities for women, offering them challenging and exciting ways to play.

While most discs are built on thе sаmе principle, еlеmеnts, and matеrials, fеw arе supеrior and spеcially built according to women’s requirement Hеrе wе compilеd thе 5 bеst disc golf discs for womеn. 

Innova Star Aviar Putt & Approach  – Best Disc For All Weather 

Innova Star Aviar Putt & Approach, Best Disc Golf Discs For Women

The Innova Star Aviar putt & Approach disc is famous for its versatility and compatibility with all weather conditions. Its shaft is made of high-quality plastic, lightweight (140-150g) easy to throw without effort. It can handle a surprising amount of power, too; the fact that it doesn’t have a bead on the bottom gives it a different feel.

The Innova star has neutral stability as well as it’s also a gliding disc. It carries to hit the target and has a deep rim. The Aviar Putt & Approach is ideal for driving, approach shots, and putts. It has a straight flight path and a consistent fade, making it an excellent choice for players of all skill levels. It works within the range of 50-200 foot approximately.

The Aviar has an excellent, comfortable grip and is easy to throw. The Star Aviar plastic blend offers durability and ensures the disc withstands regular maintenance for its flight qualities for a more extended period.


  • Lightweight Construction for effortless distance 
  • Low profile
  • Deep rim offer easy grip and control 
  • High-quality plastic withstands the durable element 


  • Easy to control
  • Achieve distance 
  • A versatile disc can use for various shots 
  • Easy to throw 
  • Comfortable grip 


  • Plastic tends to get scratched easily, so it needs a bit more care..

Millennium Quantum Scorpius – Best For Power Throw

Millennium Quantum Scorpius

The Millennium Quantum Scropius golf disc is best for intermediate players seeking power throw and control on the disc. Its low-profile top shape makes it unique for straight drives and minimizes drag and maximum speed. It has supеrior stability and distancе, making it thе pеrfеct disc to takе with you on any coursе. The durablе plastic construction еnsurеs this disc will last through many rounds of play.

One of the best features of Quantum is its weight at just under 173-175gm; it is one of the lightest golf disc drivers available on the market. Its large diameter gives tremendous stability in flight, making it more resistant to windy conditions. The quantum Scorpius also has a wide rim that offers more grip to your fingers and lets you get a better release on your throw.


  • Low shape profile for maximum distance
  • Easy glide for smooth, straight drives
  • Unique design 
  • Wide range of flight distances depending on the angle of release


  • A flat top makes it more stable
  • Smooth gliding in the ai, 
  • Low drag design provides maximum speed
  • Perfect for long, straight drives 
  • Great for experienced pros and beginner disc golfers


  • Because it is so light, strong winds can blow the Scorpius around

Discraft Magnet 170-172 Gram Golf Disc – Best for Professional Women’s

Discraft Magnet 170-172, Best Disc Golf Discs For Women

Thе Discraft Magnеt is mainly for both intermediate and еxpеriеncеd professional players; choosing the right disc can make all the difference in your game. It offers the proper grip on the disc and allows you to control it.

The more experienced players, the better they have control of the magnet flight path. Because of its lighter weight, it can easily throw with great power and accuracy in any weather condition. The Discraft flat shape top enhanced the accuracy and control, while its depth offered stability in flight. The Magnet disc is durable and flexible plastic and handles any throw.

The Magnet disc is great for all shots, from approaches to upshots. It holds its line in windy conditions and can handle power throwers. The Discraft Magnet is a unique putter because it has a deep lip that allows for more consistent releases and a beadless rim that provides a comfortable grip.

The deep rim and comfortable grip make it easy to hold on to the disc, even when your hands are wet and sweaty. This ensures that you can make those crucial putts when it matters most.


  • The magnetic disc offers stability in extremely windy conditions 
  • Easy to grip due to the small size of the disc 
  • Optimal distance and accuracy 
  • Power drive for distance and speed 


  • Good for shorter-range shots 
  • Accuracy 
  • Durability ensures countless rounds 
  • Suitable for both intermediate and pro players 


  • Not suitable for beginner women’s.

Latitude 64 Opto Line Ruby Golf Disc – Best For All Players

Latitude 64 Opto Line Ruby

The Latitude 64 Opto is an excellent option for all players. The Latitude 64 Opto is durable plastic and offers an excellent grip for putters and approaches. It has an incredible glide that allows for straight-flight shots. The Opto Line ruby can resist the hard winds while still having accurate upshots.

Its deep rim offers a comfortable grip and allows easy power throw. The fantastic glide of this disc provides its full distance effortlessly. Latitude Opto is lightweight and has a neutral flight.

The Opto Line Ruby is easier to control than other heavier discs. The weight is distributed more evenly, making it more stable in flight.

Opto Line ruby requires less power to throw and is helpful for those players who have difficulty generating enough power to throw a heavier disc. You can get away with a shorter backswing, which can help you keep your form more consistent.


  • Opto-line plastic ensures durability 
  • Lightweight disc easier to control 
  • Stable flight with a moderate amount of gliding 
  • Precise control and hitting the accurate target 


  • Safe from scratches 
  • Affordable
  • Great feel and flies straight 
  • Versatile shots 


  • Less suitable for power throws

Westside Discs VIP Tursas Midrange

Westside Discs VIP Tursas is a versatile and dynamic disc that will revolutionize your game, allowing you to take superior control and dominate on every throw. The Westside disc is a high-speed, stable-distance driver. It is the perfect disc for players who want to achieve maximum distance without compromising performance.

The Tursas are excellent for hyzer flips because of their stable flight path. Throw it on a hyzer angle, watch it flip flat, and land softly. It is also great for approach shots because it flies so straight. Just pick your target and let it rip!


  • Optimal stability for accurate flight paths on tight fairways.
  • Consistent performance, allowing you to hit tight lines with confidence.
  • Easy release with low-speed 
  • High glide potential for an extended flight


  • Superior control 
  • Accuracy on every shot 
  • Consistent performance 
  • Get some extra distance 
  • Easy to control the mid-range 


  • Some users experience Distance Limitations.
  • Limited wind resistance 


What is the best disc weight for women?

The best disc weight for women is between 130 -150gm is perfect for women as they have less throwing power than men.

What weight are women’s golf discs?

Weight can vary (130-180 gm) depending on the different disc brands, as lightweight discs are easy to throw based on accuracy.

What are the farthest-throwing female disc golfers?

Jennifer Allen and Juliana Korver are the farthest-throwing female disc golfers.

Final Thought 

The Latitude 64 Opto Line Ruby Light Putt & Approach Disc is an excellent addition to any golf bag and an essential tool for improving your game. Its lightweight construction allows for long, accurate shots, while its stability makes it the perfect disc for taking on tight lies. 

With its versatility and ease of use, you can easily practice all sorts of shots with this disc and ensure you’re always ready when you step up to the tee box. So if you’re looking for a reliable putter or approach discs that won’t let you down in challenging situations, consider the Latitude 64 Opto Line Ruby Light Putt & Approach Disc.

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